Student Testimonials

I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar and finally, at the age of 45, I started to take lessons from Nick. I originally thought to take lessons for a short period of time to learn just the basics and some simple songs. Nick’s style of teaching made it fun and informative and before I knew it I was playing songs and I soon found myself wanting to learn more. I took lessons from Nick for 3 years and in that time he was able to teach me not only how to play the guitar, but also music theory (which I had no idea it even existed). I cannot express enough how professional and knowledgeable Nick was during my lessons and how he was able to make learning the guitar fun and never boring. This is something that will be a lifetime of enjoyment for me. My only regret is not taking lessons sooner.
Jon M. – Peoria, Arizona

As a professional, I lead a busy life. I searched extensively for a credible and trustworthy teacher to teach me acoustic guitar in MY home. Thanks to Nick Jensen, I began performing with confidence for family and friends in under 7-months! I respectfully recommend Nick to the beginner and to the advanced. His teaching methods are remarkable, and his dedication, patience, and professionalism really make learning fun. I am happy to say that because of Nick, I’m hooked on the acoustic for life.
Andrea H. –  Scottsdale, Arizona

Nick is an excellent teacher and musician.  His understanding and knowledge of not only the guitar, but music and music theory is extensive and a great asset to students of all levels. At each lesson, Nick is punctual, personable and comes with a great attitude and mindset. I would highly recommend Nick as a teacher to anyone thinking of taking lessons!
Scott L. –  Ahwatukee, Arizona

I’ve known Nick since high school and always thought very highly of him. Knowing he played guitar, he was the first I went to when I decided to pick it up myself. I’ve been getting lessons for 7 or 8 months and can not believe how far I’ve come! What I really enjoy about working with Nick is that he chooses songs that I personally like, yet are still great for developing guitar skills. Every song I’ve learned has had something new and unique that I am able to take away from it. Having said that, the best part about lessons with him is that he is more than willing to help teach you that song you’ve listened to over and over for the past two weeks. Before you know it, you’re playing and singing along to your own favorite songs! I’d recommend Nick to anyone, his experience and the quality of his lessons are worth every penny!
Jeff W. – Los Angeles, California (Skype Lessons)

I have been taking lessons from Nick for a little over a year. He is patient and kind and very good. I have played other instruments and sang for many years, Nick has a great background in music theory and also in performance. I have had to stop taking lessons for personal reasons, but when I get through them I will be getting back to it with Nick. He is hands down the best music teacher I have ever worked with.
Drew D. – Phoenix, Arizona